Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sanford & Sun

Okay, you know when a political story just seems odd, you know it is.

But who could have thought the story of the wandering South Carolina guv could have been this weird? The man said to be "missing" since last Thursday, who his wife didn't know where he was and his staff said was hiking the Appalachian Trail -- has revealed that actually he was on a cruise.

In Argentina!

Now, in fairness to Gov. Sanford's staff (ahem! his congressional staff), Appalachian Trail and Argentina do both begin with the letter "A."

A word to the wise to some conservatives: Just because the mainstream media -- and political opponents start asking questions -- it doesn't mean that a given story is "overhyped."

If something doesn't add up, the media had damn well better ask questions. And this story was strange from day one: The staff gave conflicting stories, for one. Most significantly, his wife had no idea where he was. And, the fact that a conservative Republican politician took off without his family for a week -- over Father's Day sends all sorts of red flags.

Conservatives should get over the knee-jerk need to "defend" a Republican just because he's a Republican.
We don't need to. It is very clear (as it has from the start) that Sanford, AT BEST, lied to his staff which was then forced to lie to the public. I don't care if (as the case may be) he and his wife have "an agreement" where he gets to go and do his own thing. If so, then get the story straight with everyone.

But, beyond that, sorry, once you're elected to an executive office, you don't get to "disappear" for a week. Unlike being a senator or member of the House, chief executives have to be "on-call" 24/7. There are any sort of possible emergencies that could develop (hurricane season, anyone?) requiring the governor's immediate

Sadly, as a NRO reader asserts, some on the right want to push against the argument that "government has to constantly be on call to tell the proles what to do or that the 'right' person in charge in a crisis can make everything better; enough with the political cult of personality."

Really? That's what conservatives should defend now?

Ultimately, Mark Sanford is being brought down by the same thing that brought down Eliot Spitzer. No, it's not the sex (bet your bottom dollar that that will come out before this is over); it's the arrogance. The idea that the rules don't apply to him.

Cross Gov. Sanford off the 2012 list.

UPDATE: I've been since reminded that it's actually late fall in Argentina, so the "Sanford & Sun" header doesn't completely work. Okay, you will have to forgive me my poetic license. Oh well. In the meantime, here are a few people's thoughts as to what Sanford was doing in Buenes Aires. The site is a liberal one, so there's lots of Republican bashing, but there are some objectively funny lines mixed in too.

UPDATE II: Sinking ship? Rats deserting there.

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