Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Spidey & the Mickey Mouse Operation

Ten years back, the purchase of Marvel Comics et. al. by Disney might have been something of a cause for celebration -- for Marvel fans. The company had fallen into bankruptcy, it was at a creative nadir (two words -- Spider-clone). But the company turned around and has been on something of a major streak in recent years with "Civil War", "Secret Invasion" and the "Death of Captain America" story lines (I'm less a fan of "Dark Reign"). Over the same time, the company co-produced -- and then started making -- great film versions of its characters -- Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, etc.

Now comes the Big D., buying the 5,000 Marvel characters lock, stock and barrel.

My feel is that Marvel is at a creative high right now. Disney, maybe not so much. As someone mentioned yesterday when the deal was announced, Disney bought The Muppets a few years back: When was the last time the company did anything with that once-wonderful little franchise?

Tune in next issue, true believers!! In the meantime, stretch your minds around some possible "mini-mergers" from this news. I'm hoping for Beast and the Beast (of the X-men).

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