Monday, September 21, 2009


A Very Good Sunday

New York, New York!!

On any given Sunday, both New York football teams could win games against hated division rivals -- and both be 2-0!!

The Jets holding a Brady-run Pats team without a touchdown (first time since December '06) -- and ending Brady's personal 21-game regular season winning streak. Sweet!

And for the night game: The Giants went into Dallas and beat Jerry "Ozymandias" Jones in the new palace! Extra sweet!!! Oh, well, a billiion-dollar venue will pay for itself in no time!!! Heh. It was also good to seee that Tony Romo was in full playoff form. Heh-heh. (Conversely, I will take Eli Manning over any other QB in the NFL to orchestrate a game-tying/winning drive in the final two minutes; he becomes the Iceman when the game's on the line.)

And for the channel-switchers out there, the Emmys were actually great tonight as well -- proving that I didn't follow the request of very funny Neil Patrick Harris' opening number, "Don't Touch That Remote":

(The above video may self-destruct because of copyright issues before you see it. Take my word for it -- funny.)

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