Friday, October 02, 2009


Not IOC Kinda Town

Barack Obama needs to a Chicago politician! No Chi-town pol should ever let himself get out-bribed in a high stakes negotiation.

Not only didn't the president's home town not bring home the Olympics, it didn't even "medal" -- getting eliminated on the first ballot!!!

Congrats to Rio! Snark aside, Obama and Co. should have realized that the odds were against Chicago: The U.S. has had the Olympics in each of the last three decades ('84 & '96 Summer and '02 Winter Games). South America has never hosted the Games (Mexico doesn't count).

It was a big and unnecessary risk having the president put his and U.S. prestige on the line by going to lobby the International Olympic Committee in person.

Disappointing as it might be for the United States, the selection of Rio is, arguably, a "fair" choice and in keeping with the whole idea of the Olympic spirit.

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