Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Old Media vs. New Media

The social media uber-blog Mashable responds to Rupert Murdoch's floated idea to hook up with Microsoft to take out Google's indexing of Newscorp sites.

Obviously, given my day job, I won't comment fully. However, there are two undeniable truths here: As Mashable states, "No, the future is in the web, fast-paced blogs, and social media. The future is in companies that realize that news a day old is, well, a day old. The future is in information discovery, not in hiding content.

On the other hand, Murdoch's gut has taken him very far, whether in creating a fourth broadcast network, getting the rights to NFL football or creating the Fox News Channel. He may have completely misread this idea on what to do with Google and other news aggregators. But, his track record suggests he might not.

As the saying goes: We'll see.

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