Friday, November 20, 2009


Rudy's End

Any slight chance that New York might get a Republican governor next year basically ended with Rudy Giuliani's apparent decision not to run for the office in 2010. There's still some discussion in Hizzoner's camp that he might run for senate against incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand.

It's not likely that Giuliani would win a race against Gillibrand. He demonstrated back in 2000 that his heart isn't really in a senate race. Besides, the idea floated -- that he would run against Gillibrand and, if successful, would look at a presidential run in 2012 -- is a perfect way to sabotage the Senate run!!

Why would anyone vote for Giuliani knowing that he would turn around in two years and run for president? Given how presidential campaigns are organized, the race would begin in 2011 -- right after a "Sen. Giuliani" had just been sworn in. Sorry, there's no way that New York voters would elect someone into office under those circumstances.

It's safe to say that Rudy's political career is over. There's nothing wrong with admitting that. He had his major moment in New York city politics -- and it was a remarkably successful one. Arguably, that impact is still being felt, considering Mike Bloomberg would never have become mayor were it not for Giuliani (and the after-effect of 9/11).

It's fine for Rudy to settle into an elder statesman role in Empire State politics.


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