Friday, January 29, 2010


The Obama-GOP Smackdown...

...that wasn't.

On the contrary, today's exchange between the president and the House Republican conference was one of the best bits of live American political theater I've seen in sometime. Lots of folks on Twitter want more -- because it was so good. Republicans showed the president and the country that they have counter-ideas to what Democrats and the White House is proposing; the GOP is not the "Party of No." The president showed that, yeah, he may use a Teleprompter a lot, but when you ask him specific policy-oriented questions, he knows his stuff -- whether you agree with him or not. Paul Ryan, in particular, stood out.

Anyway, see and judge for yourself. The president's introductory remarks can be seen here. The Q&A with the Republicans follows below:

My guess is that, while the exchanges served the short-term purposes of both sides, it's not going to happen again anytime soon. More's the pity.

Unless, of course, a grassroots uprising starts demanding that a "House of Commons"-type of event becoming something regular in American politics. Hmmm....what are the chances?

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