Thursday, January 21, 2010


Slimey John Edwards...

...finally admits today what just about everyone knew at least months -- if not more than a year -- ago: He's the father of Rielle Hunter's baby.

Kudos to the National Enquirer that first reported this back in '07.

Even by the standards of modern-day politics, I can't think of any politician -- of either party -- who has proven to be a bigger, lying, self-centered jerk to his family, friends, supporters -- and staff (actually getting his own employee to cop to fathering his child?!?!?)! John Heilemann's New York magazine profile provides a few more details on this guy who really thought he was presidential material, but just turned out to be one truly A-plus scumbag. (Yeah, yeah, Elizabeth's not the greatest person either, I know...)

Looking back, I think this may be the single most-accurate one-sentence post in the -- gulp! -- nearly five-year history of Ragged Thots. Yeah, yeah, I know: How many one-sentence posts have there been? But still, the ole Spidey-sense was tingling for a reason.


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