Sunday, January 24, 2010


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UPDATE: Alas, it was not to be. For most Jets fans, perhaps the most foreboding statistic shown on CBS right before halftime was "Jets defense had never given up a touchdown in the last two minutes of the first half." That stat, of course, was shown right after Peyton Manning had driven the team 90 yards to make the score 17-13 in the last two minutes. Instead of the Jets up by 11 and getting the ball to start the third quarter, the Colts grabbed confidence and momentum.

Of course, Shonn Greene getting hurt on the first play of the third quarter didn't help. But that explained why the Jets couldn't score in the second half. The big story is that the Colts adjusted on the Jets defense -- Manning was barely touched from late in the second quarter through the rest of the game. That allowed the best QB in the game to pick apart the Jets secondary -- by going everywhere Darrelle Revis wasn't. The "secondary" receivers -- Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie -- took over the game.

So it goes.

But Jets fans have to feel better about this off-season than any in recent memory. Mark Sanchez didn't justt "manage" the game. He helped the team truly win the first half. He's going to look and play even better in his second year -- barring injury, of course. Greene will be better. One assumes Leon Washington will be back as well. The offense will be more efficient and explosive all around.

Rex Ryan has really infused the organization with a new confidence and energy. 2010 can't come soon enough!!

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