Friday, February 26, 2010


End of The Renaissance

Tough two months for the once-vaunted Harlem political machine:  Founding member Percy Sutton dies; Ways & Means Chairman Charlie Rangel cited for House ethics violations; accidental Governor David Paterson chooses not to run for election in wake of scandal.

Two extra notes: 1) Class guy that he is, Rangel helped make the trashing of congressional staff a bipartisan affair. After Newt complained about "nice young staffers who have never had a real job" getting to write difficult legislation, Rangel blamed his ethics problems on, well, his staff.

2) Well, it looks like everything that was said about The New York Times'  Paterson story was true. It's just that, instead of one haymaker that blew Paterson away, the Times essentially did a three-part takeout. The basics of all those rumors have turned out to be accurate: The NYT was working on a story, the publication of which would eventually lead to David Paterson's resignation. That part hasn't happened just yet; but the writing is most definitely on the wall.

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