Sunday, February 21, 2010


Miracle on Ice II

Well, not exactly, but Team America (F*** yeah!!) beating the big bad Canadians Sunday on their home ice -- even if it wasn't in the medal round -- was pretty amazing nonetheless!!  Wide open play was twice as exciting as usual NHL fare. Of course, NBC chose to kick one of their most exciting live Olympics events over to MSNBC, so the mother network could show coverage of Bode Miller's winning gold -- FROM FIVE HOURS EARLIER!! Oh, yeah, and ice dancing!

Anyway, catch the great final 20 seconds here on Mediaite (Quick!! Before NBC gets it yanked down):

Now, I'm wondering, what would be the best match for the gold: US vs. Canada again -- or US vs. Russia and NHL MVP Alex Ovechkin? Hmmm....even NBC might think of that as a ratings "Miracle on Ice"!!

Meanwhile, my personal "miracle on ice" moment came Saturday when I found myself in a bar actually captivated by the curling, um, "match" (is that the right word?) between Great Britain and Canada. It helped that there were a couple of ladies (one from Canada; the other from Colorado) who sort of knew the rules and helped explain them (the use of the brush vs. squeegee). Considering that last week's "Simpsons" episode was devoted to the sport, I guess it's cultural moment has arrived.

Anyway, I'm now trying to learn a bit bit more about curling. Here's a clip for your own edification:

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