Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Tick, Tick, Tick...

After a hellacious two weeks of stories of bondage-themed nightclubs, direct mail solicitations with phone numbers that connected to sex-lines and high-profile resignations, the end may finally be about reached for the tenure of Michael Steele as RNC Chairman.  The Daily Caller -- which first launched the current round of media bombardment when it broke the bondage-nightclub story -- reports Wednesday that the RNC and the Michigan GOP engaged in a highly questionable fundraising flip:

Into the RNC coffers, and back out again.
The Republican National Committee at the end of last year struck a deal with the Michigan Republican Party that if the state party could raise what turned out to be a half a million dollars for the RNC, the committee would immediately give the money back, in a scheme apparently devised to increase the RNC’s 2009 fundraising numbers, possibly even to circumvent federal spending limits.
“It was a known secret that a deal had been struck on the topic,” a former RNC official confirmed to The Daily Caller.
“I think the benefit to them was them getting guaranteed money,” the source said of the Michigan GOP, “and the benefit to the RNC was getting higher fundraising numbers.”
RNC spokesman Doug Heye, contacted by a reporter Tuesday afternoon, did not comment.

The last line is the most foreboding.  Heye is a competent long-term communications veteran -- and has worked for Steele a lot in the past.  For him not to comment speaks volumes.  It means he has been shut out from having the information to craft a response -- or he refuses to pass along an answer that he knows to be false.   

This sort of fiscal shenanigans gives RNC members material with which to fire Steele for cause -- unless he resigns first. 

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