Friday, August 20, 2010


Truth In Comedy: Ground Zero Edition

A not-quite-at-Ground Zero/not-quite-a-mosque anecdote:

Last night, your humble blogger participated in the fifth annual Funniest Reporter in New York show last night (alas, his inability to carry off a too-tight little black dress, flowing blonde tresses and a reticence to make jokes about oral sex severely hampered his chances of winning).

At the start of a series of jokes about "the mosque,"  I asked the crowd at the Gotham Comedy Club: "Who thinks it's really insensitive to build this down near Ground Zero?" Near-universal round of applause and catcalls. I then asked, "Who thinks it's OK to just let it be built?"

Dead silence.

Not a peep.

Now keep in mind that this wasn't a general tourists-off-the-street audience: It was an early show (6 PM) in Midtown Manhattan's Chelsea/Flatiron areas, populated with a lot of New York professionals -- the majority in media or public relations. In other words, this was a fairly well-educated, middle-to-upper class, predominantly white, fair to guess, liberal New York audience. And, even stipulating that Jews might be over-represented in such a demographic, the fact that there wasn't one even blase clap in favor of the Park51 project is, in many ways, a more devastating snapshot of how powerful are the headwinds against supporters.

Fair? Probably not.

The reality? Most definitely.  

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