Monday, August 30, 2010


Wright Man, Wrong Job?

So, less than 50 percent of the country think you're Christian. Growing numbers think, in fact, that you're Muslim (not that there's anything wrong with that).  And who's stepping up to "defend" your actual religious blackground, uh,  background?  

That would be your former pastor whom you kicked to the curb two years ago -- Rev. Jeremiah Wright

In an Arkansas speech defending a local pastor who criticized the Iraq War, Wright said: 

"Go after the military mindset ... and the enemy will come after you with everything," Wright told the packed church.
"He will surround you with sycophants who will criticize you and ostracize you and put you beyond the pale of hope and say 'you ain't really a Baptist' and say 'the president ain't really a Christian, he's a Muslim. There ain't no American Christian with a name like Barack Hussein,'" he added.

Obviously, Obama's years in Wright's Chicago church certainly brand him a Christian.  However's Wright's fiery rhetoric forced Obama to dump him in the middle of the presidential campaign.  Ironically, the "witness" of one's longtime spiritual guide would have been of assistance to any other politician whose religion was being questioned. 

Somehow, I don't see Obama asking Wright to hit the political stump in defense of his religious values.   

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