Friday, September 03, 2010


Dancing With Opportunism

Levi Johnston's sister Mercede is hardly an unbiased party here, but she's still right about non-sister-in-law Bristol Palin's teen-mom glamorization. Ironically (given who Bristol's mom is), this is the real "Murphy Brown" problem of which Dan Quayle discussed many years ago. The likelihood that a fictional character might influence teen girls into making foolish life choices is small. 

However, a real person -- from their own peer group -- who is supposedly a "spokeswoman" encouraging them NOT to get pregnant? Yet who ends up getting all these great media opportunities -- covers of national magazines and a spot on one of the biggest reality shows on TV -- solely because she's a teen mom? Who's more likely to send teen girls a message that there isn't so much of a down-side to getting knocked up?

Thank you, Sarah Palin, for introducing multiple sub-plots to the Great American "Reality" Freak Show.  

Or, actually, come to think of it:  Thank you, John McCain!

UPDATE: Adding to my point, guess who is one of Jay Leno's guests on The Tonight Show this evening?   

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