Friday, October 15, 2010


Friday Comic Book Blogging: NYCC 2010, Pt. 1

Green Is The New Black -- Which Is To Say, Green

New York's annual nerdgasm -- AKA, the fifth annual Comic Con 2010 ran last weekend.  And while it offered many insights into the current state of pop culture (recession? really?), one thing is guaranteed:  Next summer's Green Lantern movie (starring Ryan Reynolds) is going to be HUUUGE (first trailer will be seen during November's Harry Potter flick)!! Likely "Iron Man" huge. The clues have been all around us for some time: That green-white oval on Hal Jordan's chest (see below)?

It's the most ubiquitous comic-related symbol on T-shirts these days. More than a certain red-yellow "S" or black bat-image in yellow background,Rather than everyone suddenly following the fashion-sense of one ultrar-science geek Sheldon Cooper:

Sheldon Cooper channels his emerald
will power.
  (who's used more than one variation of the lantern logo, as well as shirt with a full GL illustration), it's more likely that very-plugged in writers of The Big Bang Theory are reflecting pop culture as much as they are influencing it.

Regardless, at NYCC, the panel featuring the writers of the three Green Lantern books (the flagship Green Lantern was DC's biggest regular ongoing title in September, beaten out only by the bi-weekly GL-inspired Brightest Day titles) drew nearly as big a crowd as Saturday's big Marvel and DC company-wide promotion panels (as well as Friday's DC Nation panel featuring the company's uber-god and GL mythos-maker, Creative Director Geoff Johns).

DC Creative Director Geoff Johns
greets fans in his GL-symbol inscribed
baseball cap.

After a lengthy years-long storylines that have introduced multiple-spectrum Lantern Corps (Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange -- plus already existant Sapphire, etc.), the impact could be seen all over NYCC:  fans in costume turned out in force to represent their favorite emotional hue (see below):
Fan dressed as avaricious "Orange" Lantern
Larfleeze, appropriately enough,
 nearly stole show at DC's Green Lantern panel.

Left to right: Larfleeze, "Star Sapphire", "Arisa",
"Yellow-Alpha Lantern Scarecrow"
and Yellow Lantern Corps member "Cyborg Superman"

And then, come early January, there will be "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" (bootlegged clip right here) that will whet appetites for the aforementioned summer blockbuster. In short, DC has set itself up in a way that Marvel did ten years ago when the X-Men titles ruled the comics world.  The broader pop culture environment is ready, not just to accept a Green Lantern movie, but to embrace it fully -- and make it a smash. 
Coming up over the weekend: More thoughts on the world of comic books, circa 2010; Ron Paul's inspiration on the medium (seriously); Neal Adams reveals the secret origin of Green Lantern (one of them, anyway); and, yep, an NYCC photo gallery!!

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