Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Election 2010 Predictions

Yes, call me crazy, but I'm going on the conservative side of prognostications:  GOP wins House with 48-seat pick-up, good enough for a narrow majority.  

Republicans pick up six Senate seats, not quite enough for a majority.  
North Dakota

Democrats hold onto West Virginia, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, Delaware (duh!) 

Wild card: Alaska is the new Florida, which is to say the new Minnesota (think Al Franken '08).  Lengthy counting battle between the 3M crew: McAdams, Miller and Murkowski.  Hunch is that Murkowski may end up winning but have her write-in votes challenged by all sides. Figure on this one being called sometime in December. 

Oh, and congratulations to New York's new governor-elect, Andrew Cuomo!! 

Me, I'm voting for the Charlie Sheen Is Too Damn High candidate!! (Thanks to my friend, Dan Gerstein!) 

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