Friday, April 08, 2011


Bloomberg's Black Friday

My time in Boulder is coming to an end and I've enjoyed the heck out of  the Conference on World Affairs.  However, the only time all week I wished I was back home was yesterday when the news broke that Mayor Mike Bloomberg had canned his schools chancellor, Cathie Black -- after three months and a week!!

While the action occurred yesterday, it couldn't have been easy for the mayor to wake up up to this morning's headlines.  All papers carried analysis of what this meant -- with a fair amount of unanimity that this most disastrous hire underscored what a mess Bloomberg's third term had become.  I discussed some of those problems last month.  Based on the Bloomberg quote noted therein: "I've always said that if you want lifetime employment in our administration, you just get The Post to demand that I fire you." I'm guessing that Ms. Black might wish that New York's  tabloids had called for he head right away.

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