Monday, April 04, 2011


Brave And The Boulder

It's my annual intellectual Spring Break out in Colorado for the Conference on World Affairs. Lots of fun panels. This afternoon, it's "Why Marriage Equality Matters." Should be interesting discussing role of Ted Olson on Prop. 8 issue, plus the emerging split in GOP over gay issues.

Over the rest of the week, I'm debating/engaging my pal from three years ago, the one and only Jello Biafra; and there's a couple panels on Republicans and the Tea Party. But Thursday, especially, should be a major hoot: Talking "Humor" in the morning and "Comic Books Saved My Life." Yep, folks, be prepared for "The Secret Origin of Robert A. George"!

My full schedule can be seen here. Oh, and even when the weather is chilly (as it was this morning -- after being 80 on Saturday), Colorado is truly beautiful!


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