Monday, February 06, 2012


He's Da Mann!

Well, my numbers weren't completely off: Instead of 31-17, the final score was 21-17! I got the New England side of the equation, but the Giants didn't quite ring up the numbers on the offensive side as I envisioned.  That said, the game played out as I thought, with respect to the winning quarterback. Eli is now the top dog in the Manning family. He led the team to a winning fourth-quarter touchdown -- as he did four years ago and as he has done all season. Eli now has two Super Bowl wins -- and gotten them in a quicker time than his more accomplished brother took to get one. He's also the only guy to have beaten Tom Brady twice in the postseason.  To become elite, ya gotta beat the elite.

And Eli Manning is as elite -- and clutch -- as they come.

And given the respective ages of this team's core players on offense and defense, there's no reason why the Giants shouldn't be favorites at least to make it back to the NFC championship game next year.

Congrats, Eli. Congrats, New York Giants!!

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