Thursday, May 10, 2012


Single-Mom Sanctimony

This started as a response to Tim Phares's comment over on Facebook, but it's important enough to flesh out why Bristol Palin's blog post on Barack Obama and gay marriage incenses me so much.  For people who've been reading this space off-and-on since at least 2008, none of this should seem new.   

I noted that Bristol said, "In general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home.." To which, I sarcastically responded, "Like, less chance of a teen pregnancy, right?" 

Tim (mentioned above) said, "Go, Bristol." To which I said, "Bristol Palin can 'go' alright -- go STFU. Here's a girl who became a "celebrity" because she was the pregnant daughter of a vice-presidential candidate. She then got "rewarded" with a contract to be an abstinence spokesman, a People magazine cover, a spot on Dancing With the Stars and a book contract and, of course, her own "reality" show! "Life's A Trip" (oooh, see what she did there?)!

It should be noted that NONE of these benefits would have come her way had she either 1) not gotten pregnant or 2) gotten married and THEN gotten pregnant. She's the actual incarnation of "Murphy Brown" that conservatives of a previous generation condemned: A young lady who, because she was in the right place at the right time, far from "paying" for her mistakes -- like other teen girls of lesser circumstances -- has actually profited from it. 

Indeed, she managed to perfectly game our modern corrupt culture -- but SHE now presumes make a case for a "mother/father home" and uses it as an attack line to go after Obama's lack of leadership? GMAFB!! There are any number of people -- from activists on the gay left to activists on the social right -- who can and should call him out on how he's handled the gay marriage issue. 

Sorry, but Bristol ain't one. 

This is 10th-level bullshit and no one should fall for it.

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