Sunday, February 23, 2014



For some reason, MSNBC seems to like me! I returned Sunday morning to "UP With Steve Kornacki," mildly devastated that I never managed to appear on his ersastz '80s game show "Up Against The Clock" before it heads into its Contest of Champions next week! Alas, the segment had pre-empted a few weeks between coverage of the Chris Christie Bridgegate story -- and the Olympics.

In any event, Sunday I was on talk about the return of Bill Clinton and how would the GOP deal with him after having built him up over the last few years to contrast him with Barack Obama. The first segment, with Steve's intro, is here:

The second segment can be found here -- including a rather funny clip of Kevin Spacey on Letterman, doing a dead-on impression of Bill Clinton. However, what I noticed from the clip is how perfect Spacey would be for any movie in which Mike Huckabee featured prominently. Right, I don't know off the top of my head what such a project might be.

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