Saturday, October 11, 2014


RAG on MSNBC's Kornaki: Is Losing Winning?

It's New York Comic-Con weekend and I had planned four days of freedom. Then, my cell rings on Friday evening -- with Steve Kornacki's producer asking if I can be available Saturday morning to talk midterms. Sorry for the last minute notice, but we want to examine the notion that there's a silver lining to the Dem's (seemingly likely) loss of the Senate. Bill Scher wrote a piece for Politico making that claim. Well, while not exactly thrilled at having to put my analysis hat on pre-NYCC Saturday (the craziest day of the weekend), I agreed to -- and it went well. I strongly disagreed with Scher's thesis (the likelihood of investigations alone would make Democrats -- the president, most of all -- rather queasy at the idea of the GOP having complete control of Congress).

But, anyway, feel free to see for yourself:


Surprisingly, being forced to get "up" early turned out to be its own silver lining. I did a couple Kornacki segments and was at NYCC by 10:30, participated in a promotion for the video release of "One Million Ways To Die In The West" -- and ended up walking away with a free Blu-Ray! Sweet!! And the rest of the day went quite well too.

So, here's to mixing "work" with pleasure!

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