Monday, May 02, 2005


Correspondents Dinner Hangover Questions

Question Number One: Now that the First Lady has managed to articulate just about every possible joke about George W. Bush -- early bedtime, pronunciation of the word "nuclear," his ranch-handling "skills," ), etc. -- exactly what is there left for professional comics to zero in on!? She's taken just about everything off the table (once you've talked about the president of the United States "milking" a male horse, what else is there?*).

Whichever White House aide came up with this one should get an instant raise.

*Of course, I would have liked Mrs. Bush to have gone just a bit further. For example, after the milking joke, I think a line about "not having the heart to tell Prince Abdullah, while he was visiting Crawford last week, that he was holding George's milking hand," could have sent the audience into the stratosphere. But, that's just me.

Question Number Two: Exactly what could Pat Robertson, Donald Rumsfeld and American Idol contestant Nadia Turner be talking about?

In fact, please write a caption for the above!

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