Wednesday, November 01, 2006


"Call Me"

Here are a couple of parodies of the now-notorious Harold Ford "call me" ad.

This one's just focused on a generic "congressman":

This one is directed at the chairman of the RNC:

I prefer the first one. It's much wittier ("If the Constitution can't protect us against terrorists, why should we protect it?"), but does depend a bit too much on page jokes (though the spin on the Playboy club line from the original was quite good)

The Mehlman video is too "inside baseball" for the average viewer to get the whole thing. The "He's just not straight...with Americans" tagline is a very nasty, cheap shot -- but pretty funny.

Of course, our RAGGED THOTS friend, Mark English, prefers to be on the
"DON'T call me, Ken" list!

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