Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Cheating on My Palm

Madscribe beat me to it on the iPhone front, but I must say that, unlike him, consider me officially seduced by the new product.

Yes, there are certainly caveats -- not the least of which is the price.

However, as an avowed Palm fanatic for nearly ten years (I think the Palm IIIx was my first "real" PDA -- not counting this grey Casio I hauled around in the early '90s) and a Treo owner for three, I'm drooling over Steve Jobs' unveiling of the iPhone at Macworld Tuesday.

If you have the time, sit through Jobs' presentation. The man is a master "performer" on stage. His note-free, passionate, presentation is all the more impressive when one compares it to the Cingular executive who is brought out three-quarters of the way through to wax about the important cooperative venture: He stiffly reads from prepared notes.

Jobs is a rock star who loves being on stage introducing his new material. Why shouldn't he? After all, most tech people (or successful creators in any field), are lucky to come up with one "killer app" in their lifetime -- something that is completely different from anything that preceded it and creates a rabid consumer base. Jobs did the Mac in 1984 and the iPod in 2001. His development of Pixar animation studios in the '90s was, arguably a third. If not, this iPhone certainly is.

I became the proud parent of my first iPod recently -- and, yes, I'm hooked, so that's an initial factor in my iPhone receptiveness. Add to the fact that my recent upgrade to the Palm 680 has left me with a serious case of buyer's remorse -- not enough of an advancement over the 650 (with the exception of memory). The iPhone's elegant design is a thing of beauty, though I instinctively feel weird using my fingers so much on a screen device that I own.

Still, I initially bought a Treo because I hated having to carry around two devices -- a phone and a PDA. Now that I've grown attached to my iPod, I'm again a two device guy once more. The iPhone would bring me back to "one-ness."

As they used to say on Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Resistance is futile; you will be asssimilated." Even with my (relatively) new HP PC, a little voice is beginning to whisper in my ear, "Mac...Mac...Mac..."

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