Thursday, January 18, 2007


Mr. Lack-of-Deeds Goes to Town

Madscribe Ranting:
Now that the media glimmer has died down, the leftist news and opinion site Counterpunch has posted another anti-Obama article to throw water in the faces of uncritical liberals. While the Senator from Illinois/Hawaii/Indonesia may be too liberal for American Conservative types, apparently he is too conservative for the hard core left. In other words, maybe homeboy got his Clintonesque Triangulation down pat?

Meanwhile, the circus pulls into town as the left-of-Right Reverend Al Sharpton, along with other verifiers of cultural authenticity, have Sen. B.H.O. (not to be confused with BTO, BO, or HBO) in their sights. How dare this young upstart steal media focus from the usual suspects of the mainstream media!! And RAG's moderate cohort at NPR's News and Notes Roundtable, the erstwhile linguist John McWhorter, is now singing the praises of the Junior Senator from the Land of Lincoln after getting b-slapped for critical comments by black conservative women and others who will throw their ideological panties on the stage whenever Barak the Knife shows those pearly whites.

Finally, if Bill Clinton was actually the first Black President, and Obama is a black Bill Clinton, wouldn't the grammatical law of a double negative resolving to a positive statement mean that Obama would just be another white president?

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