Thursday, August 09, 2007


Is Mitt Romney An Idiot -- Or Just Weird?

RT has, generally speaking, tended to ignore the Mitt Romney campaign (aside from Madscribe's little mash note a few days ago). Nothing personal (in fact, a friend of mine is one of his spokesmen). But with Ron Paul, Hillary, Barack, Rudy and Fred (and the occasional John McCain), there's only so much time to focus on the presidential candidates. (We even overlooked stories on Romney's pre-Michael Vick dog incident a couple decades ago.).

But, this one's a bit too good to pass up. Romney was asked recently about why none of his son's are in the military. This is, frankly, one of those de rigeur "gotcha" questions that most pro Iraq War politicians should have figured out how to answer by now. Instead, Romney gave a response that was, well,
kinda dumb, as Salon enjoyed pointing out:

"One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I'd be a great president."

Romney noted that one of his sons is driving around Iowa in an R.V. to help spread the Romney message. Which is like driving a Humvee through Baghdad , only different.
So, this response started a nice hullaballoo around the 'Net. Not surprisingly, the left side of the blogosphere is eating it up. However, also not surprisingly, Romney cheerleader/biographer/***kisser Hugh Hewitt is blaming the controversy ONLY on "lefty bloggers".

Filling in for Andrew Sullivan, right-of-center blogger Professor Stephen Bainbridge
puts things in perspective:

Lefty bloggers? Me? Liz Mair, who called it just plain stupid? James Joyner, who said it might "be the dumbest answer ever by a presidential candidate" and also rejected the Romney camp's spin by explaining that "the longer version is more harmful to Romney than the AP story"? Steve Benen, who quotes the Romney spin and then says "Romney still believes driving a Winnebago and writing for a campaign blog is “showing support for our,” on par with serving in the military"? Jim Geraghty, who says "Romney seems a little off-key" and says the Romney spin "leaves me a little cold"? Sorry, but trying to spin this as a lefty tempest in a teapot simply won't work.
Yeah, Professor, put me on your list or right-of-center bloggers who think the former governor of Massachusetts has this too-cute-by-half aspect to his character that inevitably causes him to put his foot in his mouth.

UPDATE: One of Josh Marshall's readers delivers a viciously witty quip (Saving Private Ryan fans will get the reference).

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