Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hope Springs Eternal

Never underestimate those Arkansas boys. The Mike Huckabee surge begins (in fact, it began with his second place showing at the straw poll several weeks back). Given the way Iowa works, I wouldn't be surprised at this point if the Huckster wins the caucases in January.

That would be disastrous news for Romney -- and great news for Rudy Giuliani who has basically given up on Iowa. The only thing keeping Giuliani from being the undisputed front-runner in the race is that Romney has been leading in both Iowa and New Hampshire -- and gaining ground in South Carolina. If he ran the table in the three early contests, that momentum could eat away at the leads Rudy has in the big states that vote on Feb. 5 (New York, Florida, California, etc.). However, divided results (Huckabee in Iowa, Romney in NH and Thompson -- though that doesn't look likely -- in South Carolina) would fit perfectly for the mayor.

Of course, there is always the possibility that a Huckabee surge could also work wonders for, uh, Mike Huckabee. The one thing keeping him down right now is money -- and that can be cured by a few positive polls.

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