Monday, November 19, 2007


Thanks, Mom

Speaking of "Julia," I should note the weird role the show had in my life.

My mom is a registered nurse. Julia's son, Corey, was about the same age as I was. So, there was this odd feeling of looking in a mirror the couple of times I caught the show (I was in the UK for two of the three years "Julia" was on the air). The funny thing though is that Mom was actually a real-life TV nurse (as odd as that may sound) in the UK. She appeared on several episodes of a show called "Doctor On Call." Despite the title, it actually featured three nurses who would take phone cals where people would describe their symptoms and the nurses would give them basic common-sense diagnoses and solutions -- or tell them that they needed to go see a real physician. It was always a blast turning on the telly on the weekends to catch my mom dispensing medical advice. I get the feeling that such a show nowadays (particularly in the U.S.) -- and despite the reality-show craze -- might be subject to more than a little litigation.

In any event, today is my mom's birthday, so this is as good a time to say, "Happy Birthday" to Umilta George Sallion, who taught me the values of hard work, perseverance and having good friends in your life.

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