Monday, December 03, 2007


Huck's Next Move

Ed Morrissey discusses Huckabee's emerging role as the "anti-Mitt" and the "anti-Rudy candidate and whether he can take it to the next level.

The biggest obstacle to Huckabee breaking out is money and what it brings -- organization. The early money that raised by Romney and Giuliani (and Clinton and Obama on the Democratic side) allowed those candidates to create nationwide campaigns that helps protect against early stumbles. In the case of Giuliani, the belief is that his organization allows him the luxury of losing one or more of the early races and win in places like Florida, New York, California, etc. later on. Romney is hoping that his organization in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina will create an early wave to knock out the other contenders.

Conversely, Iowa, so far, is the only place where Huckabee has a solid organization.

But the attention he has received over the last month -- the rise in Iowa creating national attention that starts a spillover effect in places like South Carolina and Florida -- can only help if he has enough money to put a national organization in place.

Can he do it?

A DC Republican -- someone with more than 20 years experience in the fundraising business -- told me the night after last week's GOP debate that Huckabeee "Huckabee is going to be fascinating to watch since he has NO organization outside Iowa . . zip.. . nada . . .zero. He is certainly not in any shape, right now, to compete on Super Tuesday." On the other hand, in a world where Ron Paul managed to raise $5 million in one day (and is on track to raise the most funds in the current quarter), it's not out of the question for Huckabee to be able to use the Internet to make a late comeback.

My DC source adds, "Huckabee's just recently gotten his 'Internet' house in order. Lately, he's been getting rave reviews from the online critics. It will be VERY fascinating to see if Huckabee can translate that into online giving. The whole
Chuck Norris thing gave Huckabee great buzz and if they can't capitalize on that something really is wrong there."

December should be an interesting month.

UPDATE: Yep, Huckabee's moving up. He's getting the shots that a perceived threat should expect. The tax issue is going to be his greatest internal GOP hurdle to expanding his campaign.

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