Friday, December 21, 2007


Wading Through The Mitt

It gets better.

This is one of those dumb self-inflicted wounds that drive campaign staff insane -- but journalists love. To see how potentially deadly they can be, check Joe Biden '88 (the Neil Kinnock chapter) and, to a slightly lesser extent, Al Gore 2000 ("Look for the union label...").

Andrew runs a clip of Romney explaining what he means by the word "saw"! Andrew also notes that 30 years ago, Romney claimed that he actually walked with his dad and MLK. The confusion stems from the little-known fact that Martin Luther King, Jr. is Romney's actual father. George Romney apparently graciously agreed to adopt Mitt at an early age to prevent the civil rights leader from being tainted by the scandal. Secret Mormon experiments later fused the elder Romney's DNA to Mitt Luther King. This explains why Mitt was so overcome with emotion during his Meet The Press appearance.

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