Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Nigeria Is So Yesterday...

I assume everyone else's e-mail boxes are filling up with letters like these:

"Dear Heart,

My name Inika Djibouti Obama. This letter may come to you as a surprise, since we do not know each other. I am the second cousin of Barack Obama Sr. and the former treasurer of Kenya. The recent electoral disturbance in my country has forced me out of my possession and necessitated that I flee my homeland.

I have in my possession 100 million USD that I do not wish to fall into the hands of the opposition leader. As you might understand, I cannot give these funds to my kinsman, because of some strange law called McCain-Feingold.

Your name was given to me as someone whom I can trust. I am hopeful that you can take these funds into your posssession, for an appropriate percentage as thanks for your kind and brave service.

Please send me your contact information...

Yours in holiness,

Inika Djibouti Obama"

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