Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Obama's "Sister Souljah" Moment... delivered by Jesse Jackson -- on himself!

Jackson is caught on tape saying he wanted to "cut [Barack Obama's] n*ts off,"
because Obama was "talking down to black people." This, because of Obama's speech on fatherhood a few weeks ago. Fox will apparently be running the clip several times in prime-time tonight.

Jesse, realizing what he's done, goes into pre-emptive apology mode.

This is just too great: Jackson gets all bent out of shape over Obama giving his most common-sensical address of the year -- a speech that, decades ago, Jackson himself would have been giving. Of course, that was well before he started his own baby-mama drama with former RainbowPUSH aide Karen Stanford!

Getting attacked over fatherhood -- from Jesse Jackson? And Barack Obama didn't even have to get himself invited to a Jackson event to set this up.

Obama truly does lead a charmed life.

UPDATED: Corrected to reflect Jackson's actual quotes.

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