Thursday, July 17, 2008


Thursday Shorts

A few morsels for a busy Thursday:

1) Hmm...looks like May's fundraising dip for Barack Obama wasn't anything to worry about. Bounces back to $52 million haul in June (sorry, Hillary, don't expect much love from Obama's people on the debt-retirement thing).

2) The Bush administration and the Iranian regime start up an "on-the-DL" interaction -- with the possibility of a more meaningful relationship development (isn't that always the case though?).

3) Kudos to CNN's Roland Martin for commending McCain -- and knocking Obama -- on school vouchers. There is absolutely no logical reason why Obama can't stray from the NEA/AFT line on vouchers. Oh well, if the guy becomes president, here's hoping that this will be one of the first policies that he throws under the (school) bus. Whitney Tilson who is a pro-education reform Democrat -- and a big Obama supporter -- thinks that Obama can deliver the message that the teachers unions need to do. He occasionally does it at a rhetorical level, but I haven't seen anything yet resembling a real dynamic policy shift.

4) A Reagan-era conservative bails to Obama.

5) Two cable favorites from last year did well with Emmy nominations today -- "Mad Men" and "Damages." Glenn Close's performance in the latter was spine-tingling, and the flashbacks and flashforwards would have had even the biggest "Memento" fan's head spinning. Alas, my other summer guilty pleasure, "Burn Notice" wasn't recognized in any major category.

6) Finally, I've been drawn back to "Last Comic Standing" -- and actually know a few of the people who have appeared this season. Of the finalists, I know Adam Hunter the best. Adam can turn some folks off with aggressiveness that borders on arrogance, but his act never fails to make me laugh. Episodes available for online viewing.

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