Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The FBI's Powder Keg

Tired of being blamed for multiple screw-ups -- Wen Ho Lee, Richard Jewell, Stephen Hatfill -- the FBI has had enough:
Under pressure to make public its case against a U.S. Army scientist in the 2001 anthrax murders, the FBI is preparing to release its evidence on the researcher, who killed himself before he could be charged, law enforcement officials said on Tuesday.

The evidence could be released as early as Wednesday and includes anthrax spores found in the office of Bruce Ivins that were linked through DNA matching to the spores sent through the mail, the officials said.

Wow. Think about that: "The FBI is preparing to release its evidence on the researcher!!!!" "The evidence... includes antrax spores."

Oh, wonderful. Think we know where this one's heading?

Anyone going to that press briefing Wednesday might want to make sure they've got their mouthguards on. Otherwise, things might get ugly.

[Everybody, run for your lives!!! The spores...the spores...the spores have been released!!!

[Confused Bureau officials didn't understand why releasing the evidence (anthrax) on a researcher who was already dead might be deemed excessive by the public...

[FBI Director Robert Mueller was said to be preparing an apology to the families of the unintended victims at the press briefing...]

(Grammatical hat tip to Jeff Stier)

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