Sunday, September 30, 2007


Robert George's Comedy Tour -- Unabridged

Over the next week, I'm doing a few stand-up dates for the New York City Underground Comedy Festival (My dates refused to lie down, so I had to do stand-up). So, if you're in the area and have some time, drop by.

SUNDAY, Sept. 30th, 9:30 PM: "Harlem Renaissance" Show, Gotham Comedy Club, 208 W. 23rd St., New York, NY, 212-367-9000; think of it as the "Anti-Def Jam Comedy" show -- black-themed comedy with a minimum of "MFs"!

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 3rd, 9:30 PM: "Funniest Reporter in New York", Gotham Comedy Club (same contact info as above) -- a fun cross-section of various journalist types showing off their INTENTIONALLY funny sides!

THURSDAY, Oct. 4th, 7:30 PM: "Official Stage!!!", HA! Comedy Club, 163 46th Street @ 7th Avenue, 212-977-3884.

SATURDAY, Oct. 6th, 8:00 PM: "The Despot Show", Sage Theatre, 711 Seventh Avenue (between 47th & 48th), 2nd Floor, 212-302-6665. In the increasing likelihood that despots like Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmajinedad don't appear, expect an evening of political-themed humor.

Come by one -- or come by all! Just come on by!

UPDATE: Sunday's show has been cancelled. Producers are hoping to reschedule sometime this week.

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